P18352: Sandia Passive Vacuum Detection Team B

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

During this phase, the team planned to validate that the magnets can be adjusted to control the "popping" of the Kapton diaphragm. The team also planned to subject the system to vibration testing on a shake table to ensure that it will not falsely activate.

Magnets were installed and proved to work. They created a "popping" effect on the diagram which helped to throw the switch. Test plans were created among the two teams and Delphi Corporation, to be conducted in the near future.

Test Results Summary

Much of the testing that was conducted so far was to check for consistency of the activation point and to find the optimal position for the magnets to control the activation point.

The tests were first conducted solely using the bottom magnet. Once it was realized that the bottom magnet alone could not provide a high enough resolution to allow the diaphragm to engage at the target of -29.8" Hg, the top magnet was employed. At this point, the switch prototype has activated as low as -29.6" Hg so far. Further testing will be performed in the bell jar, as well as moving to the high vacuum chamber to see how much closer the device will get to the optimal activation point.

The following table and documentation tracks over 36 hours of vacuum chamber testing to date:

Test data and magnet tuning gathered from switch prototype

Test data and magnet tuning gathered from switch prototype

Test Tracking

Requirements and Testing

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

Risk Management

Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Risk Management

problem tracking.

Plans for next phase

By the final demo the team is planning on showing the final assembly completely calibrated to activate at the desired pressure. This will prove that the system works in a lab setting. Sandia will be able to install this system into their rocket for a real world test.

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