P18352: Sandia Passive Vacuum Detection Team B

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

Team 18352 "VAST" will hold onto all Intellectual Property generated during this project.

Team Setup

  1. Team Leader: Steve Maniscalco
  2. Edge Help and Communications: Peter Bruschi
  3. Mechanical Engineer: Aaron Neininger
  4. Mechanical Engineer: Robert Runk

Team Values and Norms

Created By Peter Bruschi, Version 1.0 as of 9/6/2017

Project Plans & Schedules

Created By Robert Runk, Version 1.0 as of 9/11/2017

Project Schedule

Project Schedule

Team Availability

Team Availability

For documentation, see Project Management directory

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Project Risks

Project Risks

Peer Reviews

A plus-delta system will be utilized to conduct peer reviews based on adherence to the group values and norms. Pluses will indicated strengths, and deltas will provide constructive criticism.

http://edge.rit.edu/edge/P18352/public/Project Management/teamwork/Peer_Evaluation_P18352.xlsx


Nick Leathe nleathe@sandia.gov

Communications to be conducted as needed, anticipate customer being available for all five reviews.

Peter Bruschi will communicate with the customer and CC team members.Team will communicate via GroupMe

Tom Bitter will be included in communications for crucial updates and when assistance is required

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