P18363: Player Piano 2

Detailed Design

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Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase

Plans for this phase as defined in the Preliminary Detailed Design Phase were primarily individual. In particular, the goals were:

Solenoid and Pedal CAD Drawings

Solenoid Assembly

public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/CAD/CAD%20Pictures/Full%20System.JPG public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/CAD/CAD%20Pictures/Close%20View.JPG public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/CAD/CAD%20Pictures/Full%20System%20Side%20View.JPG

Pedal Assembly

public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/entireassembly.PNG public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/linearactuator.PNG public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/switch.PNG

Fabrication Drawings

These drawings have been created for both mounting plates and brackets for the linear actuator and the switch, as well as the two mounting blocks for the linear actuator shown below.


Upper Solenoid Bracket


Software Design

Plans for this phase were:

Regarding note streaming, the following information was gathered:

Therefore, streaming the notes is a viable method of loading the songs to the microcontrollers.

The remaining question is implementation of this on both the Pi and the microcontroller.

Despite this, proposed changes to the system architecture renders note streaming unnecessary since we will be not using the microcontrollers. If we do continue to use them, we have a viable method of streaming and all that remains is the implementation of it.

Regarding the front-end webpages, work was done on improving them visually and adding more functionality / usability. In particular, the following was accomplished:

The new song list page looks like this: public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/website_homepage.PNG

Changes made include:

When you select a song, the new play page looks like this: public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/play_song_page.PNG

Changes made include:

To connect from other devices, the RIT student computer registration was used. This allows us to use a domain name to connect to the Pi as long as the server is running. This necessitates greater security measures be put into place to ensure that no issues arise from unwanted connections.

From a project management perspective, we are using Github to store the code (at least the Pi server code and webpage stuff). The repository is located here:


Systems Architecture

public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/Architecture.png public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/Solenoid%20Control%20Board.png

Solenoid Controller Schematic


AC-DC Power

public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/12V and 5V Options.PNG

public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/AC-DC Block Diagram.PNG

Bill of Material (BOM)


Click here to download the Bill of Materials Document: Bill of Materials Spreadsheet

Test Plans

Major Plans


Project Plan

Our project plan for the break session is as follows:


Not many tasks are scheduled here as it should be a break, but there are a few small things we can get done to facilitate development in MSD II Phase 1

Our plans for MSD II Phase 1 are as shown:


Risk Assessment


Click here to download the Risks Document: Risk Management Spreadsheet

Plans for next phase

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