P18363: Player Piano 2

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

Our first milestone was set for February 16th. The goal for this milestone was to have an 8-key prototype finished completely. In some detail, our schedule between now and February 16th is shown below:

public/Photo Gallery/msd2p1_schedule.PNG

This lead to the following plans for the phase:


Test Results Summary

Live Requirements Document: Requirements Document

Recent Two-Key Test



Risk and Problem Tracking

The risks we planned to mitigate through testing during this phase are highlighted in green below. Since we are not running the fully developed programs just yet, the risks are mostly electrical and mechanical at this point especially since the the small scale tests for these two disciplines are very indicative of what the large scale tests will be like.


Problem Tracking

Software Info

Functional Demo Materials

3D Printing Press-Cap fits of Solenoids

public/Systems%20Level%20Design%20Documents/3dprint1.jpg public/Systems%20Level%20Design%20Documents/3dprint2.jpg public/Systems%20Level%20Design%20Documents/3dprint3.jpg

Fitting frame into piano with Installed Solenoids


Verified that the Raspberry Pi code is transmitting the intended data to the hardware; pictured below is a scope capture of the DAC configuration data:


In a test program that only sends serial communication (no other processing), we were able to write data sufficient to configure 48 keys in about 630us, much faster than our requirement. This included setting a DAC value on every key, and sending the "enabled notes" bitstream to the shift register.


Successful serial communication with digital/analog converter hardware (it worked on the first try!)


Plans for next phase


We're considering Phase 2 to be starting on February 16th as this was when our 8-key set was supposed to be due.

public/Photo Gallery/msd2p2_schedule.png


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