P18365: Team GDDS


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Machine tool design involves the sizing and selection of various elements that provide the motion required to make the machine work. The elements need to be sized and selected based on the precision and force required for the process while taking into consideration the control and accuracy of the complete system.

The objective of this project is to develop a system where parameters that define the performance of a multi-axis system can be modified and tested for viability in the final machine tool. The short-term goal would be to create the hardware necessary to mount and test a multi-axis system according to the design parameters of a proposed future design. The long-term goal is to more deeply understand the impacts of motor selection, drive sizing and position feedback accuracy on smoothness of motion and dynamic stiffness of the system.

G.D.D.S. Test Fixture (CAD)

G.D.D.S. Test Fixture (CAD)

Project Name
Gleason Linear Controller
Team Name
G.D.D.S. (Gleason Direct Drive System)
Project Number
Project Family
Automated System and Controls
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Harold Paschal, hapddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer and Sponser
Mike Walker, mwalker@gleason.com

Team G.D.D.S. Members

(Left to Right) Miguel Gutierrez, Rayan Rajkhan, Drew Laudenslager, Tristan Scott, Michael Gydesen

(Left to Right) Miguel Gutierrez, Rayan Rajkhan, Drew Laudenslager, Tristan Scott, Michael Gydesen

Member Role Major Contact
Rayan Rajkhan Project Manager Industrial Engineering rr8757@rit.edu
Miguel Gutierrez Fabrication & Validation Lead Mechanical Engineering mag6963@rit.edu
Michael Gydesen Mechanical Design Lead Mechanical Engineering mpg5815@rit.edu
Drew Laudenslager Control Systems Lead Electrical Engineering dml4479@rit.edu
Tristan Scott Electrical Hardware Lead Electrical Engineering tps3388@rit.edu


Team G.D.D.S. would like to thank our customers, Gleason Chief Engineers Mike Walker and Steve Condor, for their continued support throughout the project. Thank you to the project's sponsor, Gleason, for their resources including but not limited to their facilities and engineering guidance. Thank you to the team's guide, Harold Paschal for the continued advice. Finally, thank you to Prof. Elizabeth DeBartolo and Christine Fisher for their support.