P18371: Meggitt Brake Simulator

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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In Phase 4, Team Spring Breaker handed off the the AABS. The system did not operate as perfectly as the team would have hoped but the customer was impressed with what was completed. This phase content of our Edge page includes detailed information and outcomes of our journey through our Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation Phase. It also includes links to important documentation completed during this design phase.

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

The plans coming into this phase were to complete the following:

What was actually completed was:

Test Results Summary

Overall, the system correctly models the second curve of the graph. The team identified the likely issues with the small pack that is causing the loss of the first curve of the graph, and have determined a few possible solutions. Once those solutions are implemented, the team is confident that the system will produce the correct curves.

Test Plan and Results

Risk and Problem Tracking

We ended up with 23 risks at the end of the project. The majority of these risks were based on the simulator’s structural integrity. During testing, we were able to see that the simulator was sturdy and well designed, and we did not encounter any issues. Therefore these risks, as well as all the others, were avoided. The risk table below provides comments on each risk, explaining how it was solved.
Risk tracker

Risk tracker

Final Project Documentation

Plans for Wrap-up

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