P18371: Meggitt Brake Simulator


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A brake simulator is a hydro-mechanical assembly or digital analog capable of mimicking the mechanical performance of a physical brake assembly. This simulator is designed to predict the brake functionality for Meggitt's line of brake assemblies, ranging from brakes implemented in small personal craft to commuter jets. The assembly must be able to integrate with other aircraft component simulators as well, such as a hydraulic rig. Brake simulators are used in order to collect accurate data without testing the actual brake assembly. Pressure and piston displacement data generated from the simulator will be compared to physical brake test data in order to verify accuracy of the simulated output.

Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems is in need of a simulator to show brake assembly compliance and mechanical stiffness. The current setup regards two components plumbed together on a table-top with brake assemblies attached for testing. The simulator will eliminate the need for bulky assembly and physical product testing. The simulator’s control system will output hydraulic load data generated from an analogous brake assembly, as well as permit an operator to quickly and easily modify test parameters, such as max pressure and expected brake stiffness.The operator must be able to monitor the system parameters behind a safety enclosure while viewing the test through a sight window. The apparatus must be mobile, and fit through an average 32" door. As such the system must be capable of being transferred by a single operator. Installation must take up to 30 minutes to complete, pressure changes must occur within an 8 hour period, and air must be bled within several minutes for disconnection from the test bed to be conducted properly. The simulator must be able to operate over a range of 0 to 5000 psi and accurately perform roughly 1 million maximum pressure cycles. The simulator's final output will be a graph of hydraulic fluid volumetric change versus developed pressure curve.

Apparatus must comply with the following standards: NEMA, CE, AS4716, AS6235, AS4365, AS4375, and MIL-PRF-5606 or AS1241.

As Meggitt PLC is a US DoD government contractor, elements of this project are subject to restriction. Meggitt is the sole proprietor of IP content as deemed necessary. This proprietary data is not disclosed in this document, nor technical data subject to "ITAR," 22 CFR §125.2 - Export of Unclassified Technical Data. See 'Work Breakdown' below for details.

Project Name
Adjustable Aircraft Brake Simulator (AABS)
Project Number
Project Family
Aerospace Systems and Technology
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Harold Paschal
Primary Customer
Kyle Berkowitz, Meggitt USA
Mark Maydew, Meggitt UK
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Team Members

Back Row: Evan Rosenberg, Elias Melul Fresco, Antoun Obied, Mike Warren, Garrett Hebbard, Lori Marra. Front Row: Sabrina Levitan, Lily Mazur

Back Row: Evan Rosenberg, Elias Melul Fresco, Antoun Obied, Mike Warren, Garrett Hebbard, Lori Marra. Front Row: Sabrina Levitan, Lily Mazur

Member Role Contact
Elias Melul Fresco Project Manager exm2208@rit.edu
Lily Mazur Lead Engineer ljm6208@rit.edu
Evan Rosenberg Lead Engineer epr4278@rit.edu
Garrett Hebbard EDGE Coordinator gjh2662@rit.edu
Sabrina Levitan Documentation Coordinator srl8049@rit.edu
Mike Warren Communication Lead msw4913@rit.edu
Antoun Obied Purchasing axo4827@rit.edu
Lori Marra Faciliator Lori.Marra@rit.edu

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Thanks to Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems for sponsoring this project as well as Kyle Berkowitz and Ankit Prasad for being the main points of contact with the team. Further thanks to the MSD Team and Staff, as well as our advisor Harold Paschal.