P18390: Translational Drift Robot

Gate Reviews

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Your team will hold a gate review with your guide at the end of each semester. This page should document any information needed for the review, as well as outcomes.

MSD I: Readiness to move to Build & Test

Key elements are listed here.

A self critique template can be found here and the report results are below.

Test Plan

Test Plan

Status Review

Current state of the project


Currently we are on track to finishing the project on time before Motorama in February. As previously sated we plan to work through intersession to accomplish this. The only change to our requirements was that we plan on implementing the user based controls after Motorama, since this type of control would not be feasible in competition, for the simple fact of ensuring the bot works 100% of the time with no glitches.

Current Requirements

Current Requirements

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Overall our Detailed design review went well, with us being well off in the work we have completed.

The scope has partially changed with us pushing the user based controls after the competition. Other than that we have not really deviated in our plan. Additionally we have a general idea of what we plan to accomplish for Imagine RIT and the deliverable we expect from that.

As mentioned previously, a malfunction in the competition will cause our disqualification. This would be a huge risk which we cannot afford, therefore we have moved the timeline for this aspect to be completed after the competition, focusing solely on making the bot competition ready. Also We just put more though on how to present at Imagine changing to more concrete deliverable.

Sometimes we can not attain the expected results on the expected timeline, We have to make the best of it and then alter our plan accordingly.

All of our members were able to work efficiently and deliver on specified plan. We are able to work productively regardless of our busy schedule.

Our plan was used quite effectively to allow for desired deliverables and expectations for each member.

Looking at the risks most have been closed out, the main risks still around include finishing on time, scheduling issues(administrative/time), and subsystem failure.

Our plan is to work over intersession to ensure completion before February. Additionally we plan to stick to our proposed plans and ultimately meet at the best times to work productively. Most of our schedules work best on Monday and Wednesday therefore we will be meeting outside of class time. Subsystem failure currently has not been an issue, and if it arises when manufacturing the robot we plan to make that a key priority.

Currently we have not seen any problems arise.

We added a couple of aspects which we were not expecting. This allowed us to learn to expect for risks to arise which we initially did not think of and allot time and cost to manage those risks as best as possible.

MSD II schedule

MSDII Schedule

MSDII Schedule

Deliverables Checklist and Website Status

MSD II: Project close-out

Status Review

Current state of the project Our requirements were mostly met, except we currently are in the process of transferring the guts of one robot into the other. We plan on finishing this afterwards at the end of the semester and participating in Motorama 2019.

Since we are basically completing a Vulcan mind meld from one bot to the next our robot is currently not functional but will be soon. Additionally, our reach goal of absolute reference is not viable for the arena so that was less of a priority and therefore incomplete.

It is quite robust, try fighting it. I DARE YOU!

We were within our budget, we received a Stephen Pasek donation for the extra chassis, but other than that with donations and sponsorship we were quite good.

I feel that Stephen is quite happy with the results and enthused to have it at Motorama next year.

Overall we followed the schedule quite well, although ultimately we were unable to finish everything.

We added the mini bot as a bigger priority, which caused our schedule to get a little messed up.

Add-ons should be completed after the initial design is done.

Most risks are complete, expect for the completion of the final assembly of the large bot and the printing/testing of the small bot.

Yes we did not anticipate the second print time to be 60 hours, which is quite a lot of time, causing us to not be able to have a functioning bot at Imagine RIT.

Yes the risks caused the project to not be competed for Imagine RIT as previously stated.

We utilized the given problem solving documentation to determine the best solution, ultimately it caused us to redesign both the large and small bots to better chassis designs. We took the problems and fixed them through this modification, so that the final results of the bot would work well.

Deliverables Checklist and Website Status

Below are all of our main deliverables, they are also throughout EDGE.

Imagine RIT Video

Lightning Talk Slide


Technical Paper

Performance vs Requirements

The rest of our EDGE and stations are cleaned up and wrapped up for the semester.

Lessons learned, etc.

A big lesson we learned was that when you take on an additional aspect to the project it is quite hard to be able to finish one project since you divert between the two. In this instance I am referring to adding the small battle bot. A lot of our members diverted time to try to make this goal get reached but ultimately it was not due to timing for the print.

I believe we had a good approach by trying to be ahead because of necessity(Motorama), which kept us on top of our game. Sadly due o the malfunctions and shipping times, etc our team was complete with the full assembly as of our full assembly review. I would recommend staying on one project instead of diverting to other projects as well since they can be a time drain.

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