P18390: Translational Drift Robot


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Translational Drift Robot [WAV]

Translational Drift Robot [WAV] Translational drift is a method of controlling wheeled robots where a robot rotates around a vertical axis at high speeds, and can translate in the horizontal plane simultaneously. The direction and movement is caused by varying the speed of each drive motor to produce a directional translation. Currently typical robots use reference points to determine a “front” and the user bases their controls and direction of movement from this. These robots use LED’s that lights is at the same frequency as the robot’s rotation and creates an arc of light, similar to POV light display systems. Other types of implementations use external beacons as an absolute reference point, the problem with this system is that it requires direct line of sight to the beacons and can be affected by interferences such as obstacles of other robots. Our project uses an internal control system which uses the idea of absolute references, and using the Earth’s magnetic field as a way of determining the orientation of the bot. Since the robot will have absolute references there will be no need for a declared front. This will cause the robot to be able to be controlled by the user and ultimately be the reference point of how the robot is to move. This allows the robot to be easily controlled without interference, since they will never run into the problem of inverted axes since it will constantly be receiving feedback of its position to Earth’s magnetic force and the radio transmitter controlling it.

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Zip file of all CAD drawings

Zip file of code as of 5/2/18

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Translational Drift Robot
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Louis Beato


Primary Customer

Stephen Pasek


Mike Jeffries


Leanne Cushing


Sponsor (financial support)

Simone Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Phone: 585-475-2185

Team Members

Team Members(Left to Right): Jacob Harrell, Jimmy Kramer, Alexander Howard, Rob Sokolowski, Stephen Pasek

Team Members(Left to Right): Jacob Harrell, Jimmy Kramer, Alexander Howard, Rob Sokolowski, Stephen Pasek

Member Role Major Contact
Stephen Pasek Lead Engineer Mechanical Engineer srp1259@rit.edu
Jacob Harrell Electrical Purchasing Coordinator Electrical Engineer jxh8775@rit.edu
Jimmy Kramer Project Leader Mechanical Engineer jak5832@rit.edu
Robert Sokolowski Mechanical Purchase Coordinator Mechanical Engineer rxs7663@rit.edu
Alexander Howard Facilitator Computer Engineer axh1237@rit.edu

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