P18391: Grinder Gizmo

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

As of right now all team members intend to share the intellectual property generated in the course of the project.

Team Setup

Project Manager: Katie Berus
Organization, time management, MS Office and Project, Minitab and Statistics, Tensile testing, torsion testing, hardness testing, Impact testing, writing work instructions and process specifications, Some Matlab and Python, lathes, drills, additive manufacturing experience
Mechanical System Engineer: Scott Eisele
Industrial automation, additive manufacturing, assembly process development, finite element analysis, production yield analysis, Matlab, heat transfer, mechanical design, design of experiments
Software/Electrical System Engineer: Drew Schena
Programming languages: C C++ Java Assembly python basic haskell vhdl. Circuit board design(PCB), Networking, Web, Motor controll and automation, image processing, microcontrollers
Design Engineer: Zach Gastin
Solidworks, Inventor, AutoCAD, Autodesk Fusion 360, MasterCAM, design, assemblies, printmaking, general machine shop, CNC milling, mechanical assembly, machine design, pneumatic actuators, troubleshooting, test design, pump design, fluids, heat transfer, food safety, electrical safety, photography, photoshop, imaging science
Software Engineer: Murali Srinivasan
Coding in c, c++, java, assembly, python and vhdl. Basic electronics knowledge. Digital system design, motor control, microcontroller, and fpga knowledge.
Facilitator/Purchasing: Jacky Ho
MS Office and Project, Solidworks, Some Matlab, Scheduling, statistical analysis, general machining, CNC milling, LabView, Simulation, time management, Testing, mechanical assembly, material science testing, general fluids dynamics, design of experiments, general mechanical designs

Team Values and Norms

Personal responsibility
Open mindedness


If you can’t make it to a meeting, notify the rest of the team ASAP
For design decisions, always attempt to reach a consensus amongst the group
If a decision cannot be reached, take an additional meeting to present arguments
Team members should complete assigned tasks
Team members should be open to asking for help, and giving help if needed
No show to meeting-bring coffee and donuts to next meeting

Escalation Process:

If the team is deadlocked 3 in favor/3 against for over 15 minutes, we take a break and come back to the issue the next day. If we still cannot reach a decision then, our mentor Gerry Garavuso has the tie-breaking vote.

Project Plans & Schedules

PRI: Katie Berus

Rev: 07

Date: 12/05

Project Plan Rev 7



Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

PRI: Jacky Ho

Rev: 3

Date of Last Revision: 10/13/17

Risk Indes and Prediction Chart

Risk Indes and Prediction Chart

Revision 1 2 3 4 5 6
Risk Index 99 164 157 - - -
Prediction 99 150 140 120 100 100
Risk List

Risk List

Live Document

Other Team Resources

Group Google Drive Folder Shared Folder

Peer Reviews

Feedback from each Peer Review

Phase 1 Document

Phase 2 Document

Phase 3 Document

Phase 4 Document


Best way to communicate is through emails. All team emails listed on Home Page.

Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

Agenda for Stage 1 Review Presentation

Agenda for Phase 2: Sub System Design Review

Agenda for Phase 3: Preliminary Design Review

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