P18392: Remote Control Bicycle Braking System

Problem Definition

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Project Summary

With the integration of tricycles into the cycling market, a greater range of riders are able to enjoy the benefits that riding has to offer. Specifically, those who struggle maintaining balance on a conventional bicycle can exploit the more stable dynamics of a tricycle. However, these individuals may have limitations regarding self and/or motor control. This can result in losing control of the tricycle or unintentionally riding into a dangerous situation. In most cases, the rider is accompanied or supervised by a guardian while riding the tricycle. Therefore, allowing the guardian to prevent the rider from entering these dangerous scenarios would be very advantageous to both parties.

The aim of this project is to provide a low-cost solution to grant the guardian this control over the rider. The system shall provide the ability to stop and/or slow the rider upon a wireless command from the guardian. Finally, the project will be developed in order to integrate into the customer's specific tricycle.


Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Team Vision for Product Definition Phase


Use Cases

These are some use case examples for the bike, and how the team plans to handle them.

Dangerous Situation Avoidance

Radio Disconnect Failure Mode

Transporting the Bike

Notify Guardian of Rider Stopping

Use Brake to Aid Rider Mount the Bike


Customer Requirements

(1-High, 3-Moderate, 5-Low)

(1-High, 3-Moderate, 5-Low)

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

(1-High, 5-Low)

(1-High, 5-Low)


House of Quality

(1-High, 15-Low)

(1-High, 15-Low)

Project Requirements and House of Quality

Risk Management

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(1-High, 5-Low)

Plans for next phase

Project Gantt Chart (link below)

Project Gantt Chart (link below)

Project Gantt Chart

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