P18393: Traffic Light Cameras to Optimize Flow

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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During this phase, the team cleaned up as many loose ends as possible while preparing for Imagine RIT. The final software deliverable really took shape, though with less than hoped for features. The software provided will be an easy-to-download package leaving areas for improvement should the project have a second run.

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

For this phase, the team planned on completing the final parts of development needed to get the product to a deliverable state. This mainly involved documentation and some final changes to the code structure. Another task was creating an optimizer that can interface with the tools and provides a template for another more advanced optimizer down the line.

Most of the tasks were completed during this phase. Most of the software that the user will and will not use has been documented to a reasonable standard, and instructions for installing and using our product has been provided. An optimizer was not created during this phase but an optimizer is in the works and should be completed before the semester is over.

Test Results Summary

The team was able to finish their software deliverable with less features than hoped for, but an end-to-end working system. With the proper files and programs downloaded, the software will take the excel sheet inputs, parse them, and create the necessary .xml configuration files. The Rolodex will then retrieve subscription based information, more of which is described in the documentation. Below are images produced by running our software.

Unfortunately, the team did not get around to spending as much time as hoped for on optimizing an intersection. The team believes the progress made will help researchers better understand building intersections with SUMO and save time for them in the future.





The project tracker can be found here. This details the final state of the project. 22 of 29 requirements were met.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Updated Risks can be found here.

Final Project Documentation

Functional Demo Materials

Plans for Wrap-up

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