P18393: Traffic Light Cameras to Optimize Flow

Detailed Design

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Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase

Our goal for this phase was to have a more concrete design for our final product. We used an agile development model to quickly design the basic blocks of our project as well as outline the basic functionality.

The project has been split up into contributing parts for a final deliverable product:

We designated team members to focus on a specific part based on their skill set.

This phase had us gather a better understanding of setting up SUMO as well as how SUMO outputs information that we are interested in.

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

The configuration files of SUMO are a key part to ensure the final deliverable product can be used by many people. This phase had some team members focusing on setting up simulations with set traffic. The types of configuration files used so far were:

A basic example is shown with the next screenshot following with a video. In the video, two forms of route files were used to generate traffic. More research will be going into the generation of random traffic.

 Cross intersection example

Cross intersection example

Please click here to see the video (1 minute, 12 seconds).

There are still many other configuration files to explore, the key one being .det where the detectors are defined. SUMO supports 3 types of detectors, they are:

The focus is on e2 detectors where a camera would be able to know where a car is and how fast it is going, and potentially where it is heading based on behavior of the car (blinker, slowing down when approaching an intersection without a blinker on, etc.)

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

While creating our product, we will be documenting along the way and creating user guides (with images and videos). The idea of this project is to not only make an intersection more efficient but also to make a tool for anyone to use to see the intersection become more efficient through simulation.

It was discussed that a primary goal of this project is to string multiple intersections together in SUMO for the simulations as the customer wants to see this. This is a change from focusing on just one intersection an optimizing that intersection only.

An early part of the design is to make a GUI or Excel form for a user to fill out which will gather/create the necessary configuration files to then be able to simulate an intersection. An image of this tool is shown below.

 Example of ts_config in the works

Example of ts_config in the works

Bill of Material (BOM)

The BOM has not changed since the last review. The only paid item for this project is the project management software, JIRA.

Test Plans

Risk Assessment

 Current Risks

Current Risks

Design Review Materials

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