P18393: Traffic Light Cameras to Optimize Flow


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The traffic light is a device that controls what directions of the intersection are given the right of way. When a a car approaches an intersection with a green light and the intersection is clear of obstacles, the car may proceed to go through the intersection. During lighter traffic times, cars often have to come to a complete stop when approaching a red light with no other cars in sight.

In today's world, the current and most widely used technology to detect vehicles is the induction loop. This technology uses large coils in the ground to emit frequencies. Once a vehicle drives over or sits over the coil, eddy currents are induced into the coil which decreases the overall inductance. A controller notes the decrease in inductance as the presence of a vehicle which then tells the traffic controller there is a vehicle waiting. This system is expensive as it requires cutting the pavement of a road to lay down the coil and then repaving over the coil.

This project focuses on creating a new and improved traffic light system that is designed to decrease the average waiting time at traffic lights, which will directly decrease emissions from vehicles. This can be accomplished by making the intersection "smarter." That is, the intersection will need to detect the number of cars approaching earlier and this information will be put into an algorithm to determine which direction should receive the green light. By tracking cars before they get to the intersection, this will help reduce making a car perform an unnecessary stop for no traffic.

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Project Name
Traffic Sense: The Smart Traffic Light
Project Number
Project Family
Systems and Controls
Start Term
2171 (Fall 2017)
End Term
2175 (Spring 2018)
Faculty Guide
Ken Mihalyov, kjmddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Dr. Katie McKonky, ktmeie@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
RIT Senior Design (MERIT)
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Team Members

 From left to right: Bryan Healy, Justin Maggio, Samara Reddy, Eilif Mikkelsen, Gaitz Soponski, and Joe Curcie

From left to right: Bryan Healy, Justin Maggio, Samara Reddy, Eilif Mikkelsen, Gaitz Soponski, and Joe Curcie

Member Major Role Contact
Justin Maggio Electrical Engineer Purchasing jbm6943@rit.edu
Gaitz Soponski Computer Engineer Lead Engineer gns2991@rit.edu
Samara Reddy Electrical Engineer Facilitator pxy2619@rit.edu
Eilif Mikkelsen Industrial and Systems Engineering Communications ebm6511@rit.edu
Joe Curcie Industrial and Systems Engineering Project Manager jrc6739@rit.edu
Bryan Healy Computer Engineer Lead Engineer bjh2285@rit.edu

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