P18393: Traffic Light Cameras to Optimize Flow

Integrated System Build & Test

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During this phase, the team was able to produce a working version of the final product. The excel sheet configuration template was used, parsed, and the configuration files necessary for SUMO to run were produced. On top of this, when the simulation began to run, the run time side was able to pull data, both while the GUI was active and inactive.

Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

We planned to have a working version of our final deliverable during this phase. This was met and displayed live to our customer. The working version was also shown all on one computer. We are currently rewriting the excel configuration sheet to include more features to hopefully deliver a more user-friendly product.

Test Results Summary

Similar to the last phase, results came from both the configuration side and runtime side.


Lane Splits and Lane Area Detectors Example

Lane Splits and Lane Area Detectors Example


Configuration Template

Configuration Template


Risk and Problem Tracking

Current Risks

Current Risks

Functional Demo Materials

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Plans for next phase

As a team, we hope to have our final deliverable ready within the next couple weeks, which includes the rewrite to the excel configuration template and verification that it outputs the correct files. We also hope to include lane splitting and lane area detectors to the final deliverable as we deemed these pieces some of the more crucial components to creating a realistic intersection.

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