P18393: Traffic Light Cameras to Optimize Flow

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

Currently as the team is unsure of the methods we'll be using in our design, we will continue to revisit IP considerations as we develop code, algorithm and design plans. Our primary concern and potential area for IP concerns is with the code and algorithms the team develops for our product.

Team Setup

Joe Curcie, Industrial & Systems Engineer - Project Manager

Bryan Healy, Computer Engineer - Lead Engineer

Gaitz Soponski, Computer Engineer - Lead Engineer

Samara Reddy, Electrical Engineer - Facilitator

Eilif Mikkelsen, Industrial & Systems Engineer - Communications

Justin Maggio, Electrical Engineer - Purchasing

Team Values and Norms

Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
Punctual Team member consistently shows up late or is absent without prior notice. Team member consistently needs to be late or excused from meetings with occasional notice. Team member often suggests meetings be moved with no valid reason. Team member is mostly on time, sometimes a few minutes late. Team member has occasional absences but provides a reason in advance. Team member is always on time and prepared for meetings. Team member is rarely absent and always lets the team know well in advance.
Respectful Team member is rude and unprofessional during meetings. Consistently slacks off and wastes other members times. Team member mocks others and does not take work seriously. Team member tries to stay on topic but shows up to meetings unprepared and spends meetings trying to catch up. Team member communicates professionally with the team and outside members. Team member maintains composure and brings some material to meetings in preparation. Team member always communicates sympathetically and understandingly while helping other members with their questions or concerns. Team member comes prepared with all materials ready in order to make the most out of meetings.
Accountable Team member produces sloppy and inaccurate work that resembles a first draft. Team member produces work with several mistakes because it was not double checked. Team member produces quality work with occasional mistakes. Acknowledges changes and aims to ameliorate the work. Team member produces outstanding work with little to no mistakes and produces several drafts before arriving at the final copy.
Proactive Team member is consistently behind and rarely looks ahead at future assignments and deadlines. Occasionally looks ahead. Team member tries to stay on top of assignments but is sometimes behind. Team member brings work that was asked of him or her and stays on top of assignments. Sometimes looks ahead. Always does more work than is required and consistently looks ahead at what needs to be done. Is vigilant of issues that might arise and addresses them.

[ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-buxSiSBZ0Brn8GevgtlY7wCYcEhxSrre1qYYKHmeP4/edit?usp=sharing ValuesandNorms]

Project Plans & Schedules



Live Timeline Document

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves



Risks Document

Other Team Resources

Your team may have other resource requirements. With your customer and guide, your team should identify:

Inputs and Source

  1. Team members.
  2. Template and Example.
  3. Reference doc.
  4. Guide.

Outputs and Destination

Review form that is shared with Guide at the end of each cycle. All peer reviews are done using the myCourses peer2peer tool, and teams will discuss the results with their guide after each phase.


Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

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