P18414: SOIL Composting Toilet and Urine Management

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Build Progress as of 1/29/18

Mold Tooling

The mold is being built and pictures will be available soon.

Diverter Prototype

Pictures coming soon

Update on Materials Being Shipped

According to the email thread with SOIL, the mold will leave Haiti Sunday 1/28, be shipped 1/29, and (hopefully) arrive 2/2. Shipping rates may vary and influence this timeline.

Alternative Base Design

New Base Design Sheet

Mod Base

Mod Base

Base with second cut

Base with second cut

Second Mold

Second Mold

Second Mold Wood

Second Mold Wood



Base Modification

Modified Frame

Inner Mold

Test Preparation

Updated ER

Updated ER

Updated ER

Spillover From Fall

Corrosion Due to Cleaning Materials

Spring Progress

Number of Components that Need Modification After Assembly

Percent of Simulated Excrement Collected During a Horizontal Squirt Test

Cost of Toilet

Force Toilet Can Withstand

Number of Components

Percent of Diverted Urine

Range of Seated Positioning

Seat Surface Height From Ground

Size of Largest Gap when Assembled

Water Retention of Materials

Weight of Toilet

Lifespan of Shortest Lived Part

Number of Components that need Modification after Assembly

Number of Materials Imported

Percent of Times User Spills Liquid from the Urine Jug when Emptying

Percent of Urine in Feces Bucket

Time Spent Cleaning

Risk Assessment

Updated Risks

Updated Risks

Updated Risk Table

Problem Tracker

Problem Tracker

Problem Tracker

Problem Tracker

Problem Tracking Continued

Design Review Material

This section will be updated accordingly with the feedback received from the review.

Plans for next phase

Team Vision

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

Individual Visions






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