P18414: SOIL Composting Toilet and Urine Management

Gate Reviews

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Your team will hold a gate review with your guide at the end of each semester. This page should document any information needed for the review, as well as outcomes.

MSD I: Readiness to move to Build & Test


Status Review

Current state of the project

A review of our progress tracker can be found on our Edge Detailed Design Review Page.

Additional materials for our chemical compatibility with plastic choices have been ordered and are on the way. This analysis will be completed at the very beginning of MSD II. Our Human Subjects Testing proposal is still pending approval.

Josaphat's VISA has not yet been approved. If he is denied, we don't have a solution for allowing him to visit.

Originally, our team though we would redesign the total toilet system to improve upon the existing design. Our original project plan encompassed developing a complete toilet. Our scope has since changed, we are now focusing on developing solely a diverter for the toilet. Our new project plan encompasses what we need to do in order to successfully develop a functioning diverter.


Much of my individual based work has involved developing test protocols to effectively measure our engineering metrics. I’ve also taken on the responsibility of facilitating the majority of testing measures; coordinating with the team what supplies are needed, where the testing will take place, and recording the data and analyzing it. This work will also be continued into MSD II. Many of the metrics will be tested again once we build the complete toilet model. And the human subjects testing will require a lot of effort in facilitating. I've also kept Edge up to date with all the team's documents.

Tessa Self-Critique


Nicole Self-Critique


Rozie Self-Critique



Our original risk document enveloped risks related to constructing a complete toilet. Now that we are just focused on developing a new urine diverter, the risks are more focused and less broad. Our risks are constantly changing though. Earlier last week a risk was written in the event that the industrial design student we are working with is unable to help us moving forward. However, that risk is now less severe because recently the student presented us with a folder of her work for us.

Review your team's MSD II schedule (if not done during DDR) Our team leader has developed a team schedule going into MSD II. It involves work under the assumption that Josaphat will be able to visit in the spring, it also assumes that our human subjects testing proposal will be approved immediately.

Deliverables Checklist and Website Status All Edge documents should be up to date with what currently exists.

MSD II: Project close-out


Status Review

Current state of the project

Deliverables Checklist and Website Status

Lessons learned, etc.

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