P18416: Belasenp Arborloo Base Manufacturing Process

Gate Reviews

Table of Contents

Your team will hold a gate review with your guide at the end of each semester. This page should document any information needed for the review, as well as outcomes.

MSD I: Readiness to move to Build & Test

MSD I Self-Critique


Table located here.

Status Review

Current state of the project
Customer Requirements

Customer Requirements

Live Customer Requirements here.

Engieering Requirements

Engieering Requirements

Live Engineering Requirements here.

Individual team member status.

Collectively as a team, we failed to utilize our MSD I plan effectively. Steps are being taken to ensure more effective use of our MSD II plan.

Risk Assessment Comparison: Start to Now

MSD II Schedule

Live schedule here.

MSD II: Project close-out


Status Review

Current state of the project

Deliverables Checklist and Website Status

Lessons learned, etc.

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