P18416: Belasenp Arborloo Base Manufacturing Process

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

In the first phase of MSD I, our team met all of the initial deliverables. We have formed a list of prioritized customer needs based on our initial PRP, and from this list generated an initial list of engineering requirements. We then created a house of quality based on these requirements. Use cases were developed for our process. We have generated an initial risk assessment of potential issues with our process.

Finally, we have developed a project plan for the phases of MSD I to come, with an emphasis on the upcoming phase.

Project Summary

The Simple Enhanced Arborloo Technology project, or SEAT, aims to improve quality of life in Hatai by mainstreaming Arborloo type toilets in rural areas. These toilets are intended as an attractive alternative to current open deification practices, which are responsible for health issues.

We will deliver a manufacture process for an enhanced Arborloo design which improves on previous iterations. Our process will improve portability and reduce manufacture cost, allowing the Arborloos to be produced profitability by local entrepreneurs.

For a more detailed project summary, please refer to our Project Readiness Package.

Use Cases

Given below are some envisioned use cases for our product. We have a general linked use case, and a more specific manufacturing only use case.
General Use Cases

General Use Cases

Manufacturing Specific Use Case

Manufacturing Specific Use Case

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

We expect to deliver a prototype manufacturing process for an enhanced Arborloo design, iterating on previous Arborloo team projects.

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Customer Requirements

Customer Requirements

Customer Requirements found here.

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements found here.


House of Quality

House of Quality

House of Quality

Our team performed a House of Quality evaluation to confirm the satisfaction of all customer requirements by engineering requirements. This allowed us to identify some of our top requirements.

These top requirements show we have some conflicting goals. Increasing the amount of weight supportable by the base is going to increase the ring weights, so we will have to find a middle ground that meets both requirements.

Design Review Materials

Phase I Gate Review Pre-read

Plans for next phase

Team vision for the next phase of MSD I.

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