P18418: Vertical Farming

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MSD I: Readiness to move to Build & Test

Status Review

MSD II Scheduling

Updated Project Schedule

Updated Project Schedule

Problems & Issues

Change of Project Schedule

With the initial proposal of the project, the goal was to investigate the optimal balance between a variety of variables including water, nutrient, light, crop type, and breathing environment. However, the team wanted to do more than research and bring forth a modified prototype of the Surculus. This added countless tasks to the project timeline and have made it difficult to proceed with the MSD plan.

Individual Team Member Status

The team made an effort to meet all the deliverables required by MSD. However, due to the unrealistic goal of our project plan, we were not able to produce all the requirements set for MSD I. The team learned that the full scope of the project may extend to future MSD projects. It may be best to rediscover our end goal and provide quality work for teams that will take over this project.

Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment document is much more in depth than what we originally made back in September. Complete with a traffic light themed visual to ensure the risks are easily and quickly understood by all viewers. All the high risk events have remediation plans that are currently being thought out. Most risks have not yet manifested, we expect they will occur more frequently once we get into testing. On the other hand, there are some that have manifested. Most notably, not meeting initial budget constraints and timing for tasks taking longer than expected. These were risks that were expected from the start and were dealt with as we ran into them. Creating and maintaining the risk assessment document has shown us how important it is to be aware of everything that could go wrong. And more importantly, that it is integral to plan ahead, especially when accounting for possible setbacks.

MSD II: Project close-out


Status Review

Current state of the project

Deliverables Checklist and Website Status

Lessons learned, etc.

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