P18418: Vertical Farming

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Setup

Member Major Role Contact
Gabriel Kramer EE Project Lead gxk3534@rit.edu
Giyeon Han ME Project Manager gxh9271@rit.edu
Erin Twombly ME Lead ME/Purchasing ext4960@rit.edu
Josh Boyer EE Lead EE/Research jab3240@g.rit.edu
Mike Myers ME EDGE Manager mqm5926@rit.edu

Team Values and Norms


Define the team's expectations of its members and used as the basis for peer reviews.

Link to Values and Norms

Outputs and Destination

Incorporate when considering team plus/delta recommendations during Peer Review

Project Plans & Schedules

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

A link to the working document: Project Plan 18418.png

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management Document

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I & II. Maintain a record of team/guide meetings. This includes discussion, action items, decisions made, and work assigned.

Peer Reviews

Team will utilize peer eval system to facilitate peer evaluations.


Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

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