P18418: Vertical Farming

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

Team Plans


Project Summary

The benefits of vertical farming systems allow plants to use less water and is less prone to diseases than traditional farming.The adaption of vertical farming has been difficult to achieve in the past due to inefficient energy usage and large upfront installation costs. However with the introduction of LEDs and breakthroughs in material science, a cheap and carbon neutral solution is possible. We are looking to improve the Surculus, a prototype technology designed with maximum yield in mind. It has barriers that need to be passed in terms of both in water and energy consumption, as well as the limited types of crop the current designs allow it to harbor. The goal of this project is to pinpoint the absolute necessary resources to accomplish what conventional farming is able to do — or possibly do it even better. Ultimately, our group aims to uncover technological solutions to non-sustainable practices.

Use Cases

 Use Scenarios

Use Scenarios

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Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Expected end result of the project, what the customer can expect to receive at the end of the project.

Customer Requirements (Needs)

 Customer Requirements

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Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements

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the framework of lifecycle assessment


Stakeholder Affiliation
Bob Bechtold/HARBEC Plastics Customer
Charlie Tabb Faculty Guide
RIT University of MSD Team
MSD Team Product Designers
Consumers Who will be primarily consuming the produce

House of Quality

 House of Quality

House of Quality

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Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management

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Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

 Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

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