P18419: Hydroponic Monitoring System

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

The Durgin Family Farm is relatively close to population centers and intends to take advantage of that through selling U-Pick berries. Agriculture is the largest economic sector in New York and as a result Cornell University has been actively researching growing strawberries in NY, but they consider hydroponic strawberries to be noncompetitive due to the costly infrastructure.

The goals of this project are to develop a modular hydroponic growing system that produces high quality strawberry plants that are as productive as possible, in a manner that is convenient for the customers to pick from, in an economically feasible setup. The system will consist of a stand-alone unit consisting of pipes and supports that are modular and regulated by a microelectronic control system.

Problem Statement

In order to avoid the costs associated with a proprietary hydroponic product, our team will design an open source NFT system with climate control and a monitoring system that will be implemented at Durgin Family Farms at 1175 Martin Road and be available to other interested hydroponic.

Project Background

What is Hydroponic?

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Articles, Documentation and Videos

Interviews and Feedback

Date Person Interviewed Feedback
August 31, 2017 Phil Durgin 1st Customer Interview

Use Cases

Primary use case is the implementation of the hydroponic system at Durgin Family Farms. This will be a U-Pick Strawberry business.

Other use cases include home gardeners who may wish to implement our open-source design, or another strawberry U-pick business.

The functional use-case of the monitoring system is detailed below.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Initial Customer requirements

Initial Customer requirements

Customer Requirements document can be found here

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

Initial Engineering Requirements

Initial Engineering Requirements

The Engineering Requirements document can be found here


House of Quality

House of Quality

House of Quality

The House of Quality document can be found here

Design Review Materials

Risk Management

Technical Risks

Resource Risks

Safety Risks

Societal and Environmental Risks

Plans for next phase

Team Members Three Week Plans:

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