P18432: Plastic Bottle Rope Machine Improvements

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

Our project requires minimal creation and, in turn, protection, of any original intellectual property. Since this is the case we as a team agreed that any IP generated would be assigned to the team as a whole.

Team Setup

Anna Dorman

Role: Project Manager

Description: Maintaining documentation consistency and integrity, ensuring that the team follows processes, coordinate project scheduling and risk management

Eric Deal

Role: Lead Engineer

Description: Interface requirements between subsystems and tracking cross-subsystem engineering requirements

Brenna Lewis

Role: Facilitator

Description: Coordinate peer evaluations, serve as an objective party to keep work on track, ensure that each team member's opinions are heard, and mediate disputes

Ryan Fairbanks

Role: Communicator and Purchasing

Description: Point of contact between team and guide, customer, design review attendees, Maintain BOM, Handle purchases

Team Values and Norms


Define the team's expectations of its members and used as the basis for peer reviews.

Our team met to discuss our expectations for the semester as well as the expectations of each member's conduct within the team. This ensures consistent and satisfactory evaluation relative to a consistent set of expectations.

This can be found on the following link Values and Norms

Project Plans & Schedules


Ensure timely delivery of all required work products, identify prerequisite tasks with owners, ensure special resource needs are met.
Figure 1: Gantt Chart

Figure 1: Gantt Chart

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves


  1. Facilitate anticipation, avoidance, abatement and accommodation of problems.
  2. Assess team process capability to drive risk importance total to zero by project end.

Revision #3 of Risk Management Form.

Figure 2: Risk Management

Figure 2: Risk Management

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews will be completed by each member at the end of each phase and will be available here once finished.


Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

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