P18433: Nicaragua Bottle Upcycling Product Design and Manufacturing

Gate Reviews

Table of Contents

MSD I: Readiness to move to Build & Test

Self Critique

Our team's self critique for MSD 1 can be found here.

Status Review

Scope changes (original vs. current)

Lessons Learned

Team Member Status & Planning Improvements

Individually, we delivered on the majority of our personal responsibilities. The 3-week plans in addition to the project plan were effective in designating specific tasks to each team member.

This project plan changed over time as new tasks were created. Planning specific dates and deadlines were something we lacked in planning during this phase. These dates would help create a sense of urgency in completing tasks faster.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Screenshot

Risk Assessment Screenshot

A working Risk Assessment file can be found here.

Lowered Importance & eliminated



Form the risk management, we learned that the total risk may be low early on in the project timeline, but as subsystems and the overall design are solidified, new risks arise that were not previously obvious.

MSD II schedule

Phase 5 Team Vision

MSD II: Project close-out

The notes from the MSD 2 Gate Review can be foundhere.


Status Review

Current state of the project

Deliverables Checklist and Website Status

Lessons learned, etc.

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