P18433: Nicaragua Bottle Upcycling Product Design and Manufacturing

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

All properties and ideas developed during this project will be public domain.

Team Setup

Ignacio Martos

Kyle Appleman

Pierce Scorggins

Adam Santagata

Vikas Patel

Team Values and Norms

Our team has decided that what we value most out of each other in this project are a willingness to compromise, a creative mind, a strong ability to effectively communicate, and a dedication to the work you have been assigned. This is broken down below.


All group members will both contribute to any discussion as well as listen to other member's ideas. If any group members have any issues, they will discuss this with the group as early as possible.


All group members will attend every meeting, ready for meeting, by the designated starting time. If any member will not be able to attend a meeting, they will notify the group a day in advance.


Group members will initially view any proposed idea with an open mind. Ideas will not be rejected unless there are reasons for the rejection.

Project Plans & Schedules

Phase 2

Phase 2

Phase 3: Week 7

Phase 3: Week 7

Phase 3: Week 8

Phase 3: Week 8

Phase 3: Week 9

Phase 3: Week 9

Phase 3: Week 10

Phase 3: Week 10

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Screenshot of Risk Assessment File

Screenshot of Risk Assessment File

A working Risk Assessment file can be found here.

Other Team Resources



Peer Reviews

Peer reviews will be completed at the end of every 3-week cycle. The reviews will be used to identify both the positive and negative traits of each group member, in order to improve the team dynamic for the subsequent cycle. The team will discuss the results of the peer reviews with the project guide and identify any areas for improvement.



Communication Plan

Tri-weekly project status updates to communicate any issues and share any notable documentation that may be of interest to the customer. Additional emails will be sent as the need arises.

With-in Team Communication

Preferred Methods:

Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

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