P18452: Low Cost Reciprocating Compressor IIoT System Health Monitor

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Test Results Summary

public/Photo Gallery/TestPlanComplete.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/TestPlanComplete.PNG

Summarize test results and assess effectiveness of test plans to unambiguously demonstrate satisfaction of the engineering requirements. Include photos and videos as appropriate

Inputs & Source

  1. Test Plan
  2. Results of system integration

Outputs & Destination

  1. Test Results
  2. Final documentation: paper, poster, manuals

Risk and Problem Tracking

public/Photo Gallery/RiskManagementOvercome.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/RiskManagementOvercome.PNG

Final Project Documentation

Technical Paper

Final Poster

Android App Code

Pi Code

User Guide

Setup Wifi Access Point on Pi

Final BOM

How to generate APK file

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