P18452: Low Cost Reciprocating Compressor IIoT System Health Monitor

Planning & Execution

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Now this is story all about how Our lives were changed someway somehow And we’d like to take a sensor, right here or there Just to tell you how we transfer data right through the air.

Team Setup

Member Major Role Role Description
Paul Hancock Electrical Engineering Project Lead/Hardware Engineer Oversee team progress, as well as design and test additional required hardware (level shifter, filters)
Christine Villamil Electrical Engineering Purchasing/Hardware Engineer Design and test additional required hardware (level shifter, filters), as well as place orders for required components for the project
Jason Skrien Computer Engineering Hardware Engineer Interfacing between hardware and software (Pi to App)
Chris Vuong Computer Engineering App Developer/User Interface Engineer Write Android app to view compression data on tablet. Write back-end code for the Pi to transmit raw data to mobile device

Team Values and Norms

Project Plans & Schedules

public/Photo Gallery/DetailedDesignTimeline.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/DetailedDesignTimeline.PNG

Risk Assessment

public/Photo Gallery/RiskManagement_MSD2.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/RiskManagement_MSD2.PNG

Other Team Resources

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Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions


Peer Reviews

Be honest and don’t sugar coat it. This must be communicated so we can improve.

Project Reviews


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