P18452: Low Cost Reciprocating Compressor IIoT System Health Monitor

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In 2011, Dresser Rand donated an advanced reciprocating compressor to RIT. The compressor, valued at $90,000, delivers gases at high pressure in support of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. It was installed in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering and will be used by faculty and students on multidisciplinary design projects and research. The objective of this senior design is to build a low cost health status monitoring system for the donated compressor based on Industrial Internet of Things concept. The monitor system will be connecting to multiple sensors on the compressor, reading data from the sensors and transmit all the data to a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet where the data will be analyzed and interpreted in forms of graphs such as P-V graph and FFT graph. The resulting design and prototype should be portable and usable without the need of internet to display status of the compressor. Here is the link to this project PRP


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Project Summary

The Low Cost Reciprocating Compressor System Health Monitor was developed by a Multidisciplinary Senior Design team in the 2016-2017 academic year. This unit takes data from sensors on various devices, observing the performance of the reciprocating compressor, which is a positive displacement compressor that delivers gases at high pressure.

The current design of the System Health Monitor is capable of taking the necessary data from the compressor. The goal of this project is to implement wireless data transmission to a handheld device and presenting it in a clear format. The desired method for wireless is via and app to a tablet or phone without an internet connection. The handheld would also be able to compare current data to an old set of data and compute the FFT for the vibration data.

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