P18461: Solar Powered UV Water Purification

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase


Leaving the detailed design phase, our team still had some aspects of our 3D models and physical and electrical schematics that needed updating and refinement. In this phase we have refined all designs and schematics for the filter housings, UV Batch Treatment Module, and electrical systems. Furthermore we have ordered all necessary components to keep us on track with our predicted 1st iteration build (noted in Gantt Chart). We have also considered the tests required to quantify and qualify the performance of our system in relation to relevant specifications, and we have outlined high level (some with more detail) strategies to implement these tests. We have also read through relevant microbiological standards related to water treatment, and have updated our specifications accordingly.

Test Plan Summary

The first version of our test plans can be found Here

Final Housing Design

Press-fit PVC filter housing with explanations

Press-fit PVC filter housing with explanations

Overall section view of the housing

Overall section view of the housing

Final Electrical Design







Design Review Materials

Include links to:

Bill of Materials

Current Bill of Materials Can Be Found Here

Live Version of BOM Can Be Found Here

Plans for next phase

Updated Gantt Chart (Semester Plan)

Phil's Three Week Plan

Ryan's Three Week Plan

Alex's Three Week Plan

Erik's Three Week Plan

Aaron's Three Week Plan

Graham's Three Week Plan

Justin's Three Week Plan

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