P18461: Solar Powered UV Water Purification

Team Values & Norms

Agreement of Expectations

Below is a tabulated "Agreement of Expectations" for various situations during Senior Design.
Value Expectation
Behavior -All team members will practice good attendance

-All team members will treat each other with respect

-All team members will act professionally

-All team members will meet task deadlines

Communication -All team members will effectively communicate with one another

-If team members will be late or miss a meeting they will communicate with the group

-Team members will communicate if they are having trouble with a task

-Communication will predominately occur through Slack and RIT email

-Team members will communicate to the customer if they are having an issue with their needs. When Chris is traveling abroad communication requiring his specific response will be mediated by the communication manager selected by the team, and will be carried out via Whatsapp with expected delay between question and response due to time zone differences.

Work Distribution -All team members will be assigned an equal amount of work

-If a team member feels they are doing too much/too little work they will communicate this to the team

Decision Making -All team decisions will be decided by majority vote

-Team needs to present examples of why they want to the take the project in a certain direction

Meetings -For team meetings it will be specified who is required to come

-All team members CAN attended all meetings but do not HAVE to if they are not required

Conflicts -All team conflicts will be resolved amongst the team in a professional manner

-If a team conflict cannot be resolved it will be taken to the guide or other faculty supervisor for assistance