P18462: Solar Powered FDM 3D Printer


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3D Printers have grown in use and have developed into more advanced and efficient printers. One such printer, the Self Replicating Rapid Prototype (RepRap), has become a popular choice of consumers due to its ability of self-replicating up to 70% of its product. Due to affordability, and its production of customizable parts, it is a reliable choice for use in aiding developing countries. Some countries only have limited electrical power sources. To fix this problem, the current RepRap printer should be powered using solar power. This will limit electricity usage, allowing users to print needed components and items without limitations.

The main goals of the project include the development of a solar powered RepRap printer that is easy to assemble, use, and clean. It shall be portable, cost effective, and produce good quality components. Our partner project team from UAO in Columbia is working on a device that will create printer filament from recycled plastic bottles. The printer shall be able to print with this created filament. The result will be a prototype design, fully powered by solar light, with enough power to melt the created filament. It will be constrained to non-electrical power supplies and consistent with the intellectual property of the project.

The 3D printer will then be used by the residents of Cali, Colombia to promote creativity, entertainment, and education for the children of the community with intention of lowering the amount of violence and crime activity in the area. The use of solar energy will allow the community to use the printer when electricity is limited. The goal for the implementation of the printer is to encourage technical and manufacturing advances that will improve the standard of life for the residents of Cali, Colombia.

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Project Name
Solar Powered 3D Printer
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Faculty Guide
William Nowak
Primary Customer
Alvaro Rojas Arciniegas
Sponsor (financial support)
Marcos Esterman

Team Members

Our Team from left to right: Chris, Connor, Trevor, Josh, Harrison, Quynhthy

Our Team from left to right: Chris, Connor, Trevor, Josh, Harrison, Quynhthy

Member Major Role Contact
Christopher Konkoski EE Purchasing cxk6187@rit.edu
Connor O'Rourke ME Lead Engineer cao3684@rit.edu
Trevor Britton EE Engineer tab9015@rit.edu
Josh Cohen ISE Project Manager jdc1861@rit.edu
Harrison Lu ME Engineer hxl5451@rit.edu
Quynhthy Do EE Facilitator/Communications qcd1377@rit.edu

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