P18482: Manual Rock Drill

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

The main focus of this phase was to have a fully functioning drill only lacking the support structure. We also planned to implement redesigns due to expected issues or requests from the customer. This included purchasing, manufacturing and troubleshooting.

The drill is now functional. It only needs the stands to be completed and have the ability to drill holes. Design for the support structure is underway.

Inputs & Source

  1. Test Plan
  2. Subsystem fabrication

Outputs & Destination

  1. Test Results
  2. System integration
  3. Customer Handoff

Risk and Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking


Risk Management Matrix


Preliminary Test Results Summary

Based on accelerometer testing, the acceleration of the impact shaft is registering around 13-14gs. This is approximately 130-140 m/s^2. Our original calculations estimated an acceleration of 12.8gs, or 1280 m/s^2. These results are within the same order of magnitude, verifying original design calculations. The next step is to calculate the impact energy of each hit.

Current Cam Design Video

Cams Slow Motion

Component Redesigns

public/redesigned cam.JPG

Functional Demo Materials

Pre-read Email

Plans for next phase

Tentative Final Schedule

Wyatt Schie Three Week Plan

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