P18482: Manual Rock Drill

Planning & Execution

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Team Setup

Wyatt Schie

Major: Industrial Engineering

Roles: Project Manager & Purchasing

Role Descriptions: Responsible for creating and updating project schedule, maintaining documentation, and coordinating risk management. Facilitate the definition of project missions, goals, tasks, and resource requirements. Manage project budget and resource allocation, maintain BOM and handle purchases.

David Siciliano

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Roles: Lead Engineer & Facilitator

Role Descriptions: Responsible for interface requirements between subsystems and tracking cross subsystem engineering requirements. Responsible for coordinating peer evaluations, serves as an objective party to keep work on track, ensures all team member's voices are hear and mediates disputes.

Anya Cummings

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Roles: Lead Test Engineer & Data Analysis

Role Descriptions: Responsible for identifying necessary tests and running the tests correctly and consistently. Develop test methods, procedures and instrumentation. Responsible for data collected and analysis of data to identify trends.

Jillian Mammino

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Roles: Communications & Edge Lead

Role Descriptions: Point of contact between team, guide, customer and review attendees. Responsible for sending pre-reading material before design reviews. Contacts outside vendors and companies for material resource identification. Webmaster for team edge site. Responsible for making team aware of missing sections, documents and troubleshooting.

Team Values and Norms

  1. Punctuality - including meetings and class
  2. Accountability - work is completed and submitted on the dates agreed upon
  3. Communication - keeping everyone aware of the tasks being completed. Asking for help when needed
  4. Document Work - allows others to pick-up work where someone else left off
  5. Trust - everyone does what they say as they are assigned
  6. Review - allowing for open minded conversations and new ideas
  7. Communal Ownership - everyone takes part in the project and has importance
  8. Motivation - show interest and desire to complete tasks

Project Plans & Schedules

Full schedule overview
public/Project Management/planning/highlevel.jpg

public/Project Management/planning/highlevel.jpg

Stage Breakdowns

public/Project Management/planning/stages.jpg

public/Project Management/planning/stages.jpg

A link to the working Gantt Chart can be found, here

Other Team Resources

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Will be updated starting weeks 4-6.

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews will be completed at the end of each design phase.


Customer Point of Contact

Project Reviews

Refer to Gate Reviews

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