P18482: Manual Rock Drill

Preliminary Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Detailed Design Documents

Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

Plans for this phase:

We accomplished everything listed.


public/Detailed Design Documents/Prototype.jpg


public/Detailed Design Documents/Specs Solver.jpg

Bill of Material (BOM)

public/Detailed Design Documents/BOM.jpg

Test Plans

Engineering Requirements

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Eng Requirements Updated 11-9-17.PNG

Test Plan

Design and Flowcharts


public/Detailed Design Documents/Block Diagram P Detailed Design.jpg


public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Geneva_Drill_CAD_Model_Screenshot.JPG

public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Geneva_Mechanism_ScreenShot.JPG

Risk Assessment

public/Detailed Design Documents/Risk Management Matrix 11-9-17.PNG

Risk Management Matrix Live Document

Design Review Materials

A screencap of the pre-read email send prior to the preliminary detailed design review can be found here

Plans for next phase

public/Detailed Design Documents/MSD Gantt Chart PDD updated.jpg

David Siciliano 3 Week Plan

Wyatt Schie 3 Week Plan

Anya Cummings 3 Week Plan

Jillian Mammino 3 Week Plan

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