P18482: Manual Rock Drill

Subsystem Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

The main focus of this phase was to construct the subsystem of the drill and re-design as we faced problems or requests from the customer. This included purchasing, manufacturing and troubleshooting.

The subsystem is now functional.


Inputs & Source

Test Plan Current test plans can be found in the Test Plans directory.

Test plans include:

Subsystem fabrication


Outputs & Destination

Link to video showing functioning subsystem: https://edge.rit.edu/edge/P18482/public/SubsystemBuildandTestVIDEO.mp4

Risk and Problem Tracking

public/Problem Tracking 2-22-2018.png

Updated Design

Functional Demo Materials

Pre-read Email

Plans for next phase

3 Week Plans

David Siciliano Three Week Plan

Wyatt Schie Three Week Plan

Anya Cummings Three Week Plan

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