P18486: Biochar Construction Materials Test Rig Improvement


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Biochar is a charcoal used for purposes other than fuel, often as a soil amendment. It is formed through a process called Pyrolysis. Pyrolyisis is the thermochemical decomposition of organic materials at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. Biochar is added to improve poor soils or to rebuild soils that have been damaged by improper management. Other applications of biochar include use as a building material, packaging material, carbon sink etc. Researchers are investigating Biochar properties as building materials. Properties that are being investigated include weight, cost, insulation capabilities, filtering, cooling, and humidity control characteristics.

The objective of this project is to continue work on a testing rig that quantifies characteristics of a material such that the stakeholder can obtain data for various biochar composites. The rig must ideally test: insulation, humidity control, cooling properties, emissions absorption, flame resistance, and electromagnetic characteristics. Sufficient data from the test rig may contribute to deciding the ideal material used in construction by related projects.

Project Name
Biochar Test Rig Improvements
Project Number
Project Family
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Start Term
Fall 2017
End Term
Spring 2018
Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik, echeee@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Kathleen Draper, kdraper2@rochester.rr.com
Sponsor (financial support)
Ithaka Institute

Team Members

From left to right: Abdul, Spencer, Gunjan, Garret, Justin

From left to right: Abdul, Spencer, Gunjan, Garret, Justin

Member Role Contact
AbdulIatif AIhashmi Mechanical Engineer ahb2775@rit.edu
Justin Henney Electrical Engineer jrh7178@rit.edu
Garret Papiernik Mechanical Engineer gxp7496@rit.edu
Gunjan Poudyal Mechanical Engineer gp4045@rit.edu
Spencer Steficek Mechanical Engineer sas6101@rit.edu

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