P18510: Ramelli's Rotating Reader

Build & Test Prep

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Summer Progress

Over the summer, the European beech was ordered and shipped to True Wood Products in Victor, NY. They constructed the wheel faces, hand rails, and gear blanks.
Gear and Axle Blanks

Gear and Axle Blanks

Wheel Faces

Wheel Faces

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase



Test Plan Summary

Many of our engineering requirements are binary, and cannot map into a test procedure. The main aspect of the bookwheel is that the gears work and the wheel can turn. Due to the nature of an all wood design, the bookwheel must be almost fully assembled to determine if it works properly. We are expecting that the only reason it may not rotate as intended is due to excess friction of wood on wood. Our action plan in this event is to remove material, or apply lubricant, where we identify the friction is occurring. If wooden axles on wooden hubs design inherently causes too much friction for proper motion, metal hubs may be necessary.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

The new risk of not receiving funding on time is of high severity and high likelihood.

Plans for next phase

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