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Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property

All work done will be released into the public domain under the Creative Commons Attribution License. This allows for free access to share and modify anything we have created so long as they give us appropriate credit and denote if any changes were made to the work.

A full description of the license can be found at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Team Values and Norms


Each team member is expected to be on time and should inform other team members if he will be late.
All members should maintain a high standard of work regardless of how small or big the task is.
All members should always maintain ethical and professional behavior throughout the project when dealing with other team members, customers, and guides.
All members should communicate clearly and consistently.
All members should contribute equally towards the success of the project.
All members are expected to consistently follow the established team values.


Every team member will conduct a periodic peer assessment of their teammates. The rubric below indicates how each team member will assess their peers. These 'Norms' reflect how each team member expects their peers to meet the team 'Values'.

Project Plans & Schedules

Systems Design Phase Plan

Preliminary Detailed Design Phase Plan

Detailed Design Phase Plan

Build & Test Prep Phase Plan

Customer Handoff Phase Plan - Part 1

Customer Handoff Phase Plan - Part 2

Risk Assessments

The team identified potential technical, resource, safety, environmental, and societal risks. For each risk, we identified the cause and effect, the likelihood, and the severity. From the likelihood and severity, we calculated an importance score in order to identify the risks that are most important to minimize or mitigate, and we assigned specific mitigation actions to certain team members. The document is updated periodically with new risks or changes to previous risks.

Original Risks:


Final Risks:

public/Risk Management final.png

The live document can be found here

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