P18542: Real Time Terrain Mapping

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Summarize: In the final phase of MSDII, the ASAR team focused on testing all subsystems together on the physical terrain. This included all subsystems talking to each other from the capture of the image of the terrain through the movement of the robot across it. We were able to do an adequate amount of testing and get the system functioning together but there were unpredicted complications while demoing at the fieldhouse.

Test Results Summary

Summarize test results The test results show the engineering requirements that were set along with which ones were successful and which were not.

Output from Vision System

Output from Vision System

Final PCB

Final PCB

Inputs & Source

  1. The final test plan is shown here Final Test Strategy
  2. The system integration went well until the demo at the fieldhouse. The wireless protocol that we were using was on 2.4GHz and so is the wifi so when there were thousands of people present, our system was unable to communicate directions to the robot correctly.

Outputs & Destination

Test Results

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management.

Final Project Documentation

Technical Paper:Technical Paper Poster:Final Poster for Imagine

For future iterations of this project, 3D objects in the terrain would be more realistic. This would require the use of more than 1 camera. The areal camera would be more realistically suited for a drone flying over real terrain. From a communications standpoint, plan ahead for other traffic on the frequency band being used.

Plans for Wrap-up

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