P18571: Sunspot Radio Telescope III

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

To prepare for final demo and handoff, software integration was completed, and mounts for RF equipment, computer equipment, and antennae were fabricated. Testing was done to ensure the system is capable of meeting all A-level requirements.

The final handoff will include installation of the dish, computer and RF boxes, and observatory control panel at the Ionia observatory. The software will be configured with an email account and motor/location parameters for the Ionia site. Finally, testing calibration and sun tracking procedures will ensure the system is functioning properly.

Customer Handoff

public/Final Documents/pics/dish.jpg

public/Final Documents/pics/rfbox.jpg

public/Final Documents/pics/pcbox.jpg

Test Results

Test plans were to take place after full system integration and setup in Ionia. Once the dish and all necessary hardware was setup, the system would be run through basic calibration as a preliminary test. From there, the system would be monitored through a remote connection and the security cameras at the Ionia site.

Hardware integration was successful. The motor, dish, and antenna were mounted and properly setup in Ionia, along with the radio and computer subsystems.

Outputs & Destination

Final paper and poster were completed. In-depth user manuals and documentation, as well as notes for future teams working on the project are in progress.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Final Project Documentation

Project Paper


Project Poster

P18571 - Poster - Final.pdf

Design Documents

Mechanical Resource Document

Software Documentation

Notes for Future Teams

Software TODO:

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