P18571: Sunspot Radio Telescope III

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

A 4 week plan was implemented for the team to work asymmetrically, playing on each team members strengths The full list of deliverables and their statuses can be found here

Radio Technology Development

Rather than rely on the network analyzer measurements, the feedhorn antennae were tested using the dish. In addition to the previous antennas, a new antenna suggested by our guide and a subject matter expert was also tested.

public/Integrated System Build and Test/planar_antenna.jpg

Ideally the sun would have been used as a test source, but it could not be located on the cloudy day. Instead, the dish was pointed at RIT. All antennas saw the same spectrum and picked up the same emitters from RIT. Due to its being easier to mount on the dish and receiving signals slightly better than the other antennas, the planar antenna above was chosen as the new feedhorn.

A replacement was found for the broken RF switch, as the previous design was not available.

public/Integrated System Build and Test/ADRF5040-EVALZANGLE.jpg

The switch is low-loss and is a fitting replacement in terms of the system's radio frequency needs. However, the new switch operates on 3.3 volt logic, while the previous switch (and the Arduino) operate on 5 volt logic. A solution will need to be determined for bringing down the logic inputs from the Arduino, but a resistor divider should be sufficient. The new switch also requires a negative power rail, but tests showed that it operated as desired without a negative supply.

Software Development

Coordinate Translation

The software is capable of using and translating between three coordinate systems:

public/Integrated System Build and Test/coordinate-conversion.png

Server Software

The server protocol was extended with additional commands to allow clients to enumerate stored errors, list FIT files, schedule night-time observations, and list available night-time targets. Server Protocol v1.2

Automatic FIT file uploads were tested in a simulated environment using the same software as ETH Zurich (vsftpd); actual FIT uploads were tested on site using the actual ETH Zurich server.

The server produces a daily status email reporting the status of key subsystems, the number of FIT files uploaded for the day, and any recorded error messages or warnings.

Server Source v1.0.5

Arduino Source Code

LabVIEW Development


Risk and Problem Tracking

ID Category Risk Item Effect Cause Likelihood Severity Importance Action to Minimize Risk Owner
R1 Technical Improper feedhorn installation Feedhorn may have loose mounting or be unable to be assembled. Manufacturing Faults 0 3 0 Feedhorn to be replaced with Antenna ME
R2 Technical Unreliable internet connection to Zurich May not be able to transmit all data overnight. Environmental conditions including thunderstorms. 2 1 2 "Provide data backup until Zurich server confirms reception" CE
R3 Technical Dish may be too heavy for motors/actuators Tracking functionality is lost, manual repairs required Ice buildup, power depletion 1 2 2 Motors oversized for current load ME
R4 Technical File transfer system error Zurich server receives incomplete data Power lost or connectivity issues. 0 2 0 Create Temp file on FTP server, move when complete CE
R5 Technical Auto-calibration error Incorrect data analysis, manual repairs required Drift of control systems over time 1 3 3 2 callistos in parallel, one for cal one one for data CE
R6 Technical Network Communication Error Remote operation made difficult or impossible Loss of connectivity, internet outage 1 1 1 Ensure system doesnt rely on TeamViewer/Active user input CE
R7 Technical UPS battery dies System loses power and is no longer operational. Mains power is lost and UPS battery is exhausted. 1 2 2 Put system into safe shutdown state before battery is exhausted CE
R8 Technical RadioEyes/LabView incompatibility Additional time required for integration solution No documented API support 0 2 0 Plan B In effect:= custom Astronomical Data ME
R9 Technical Feedhorn selection may carry unexpected collaterals (integration) RX levels may become inefficient for extraction from raw signal Mismatching impedance and frequency response 1 3 3 Perform extensive testing on feed/dish assembly EE
R10 Technical Software Error Data may be corrupted or incorrect; Zurich may not recieve data at all Improper program setup / unforeseen program error 1 2 2 "Perform extensive software testing and provide data backup" CE
R11 Technical Interference between subsystems May cause errors or discrepencies in subsystem operation Improper magnetic shielding on power lines near vulnerable systems 1 2 2 "Isolate magnetic interference, or place wiring more carefully" EE
R12 Technical Improper power management One or more subsystems failing due to internal power loss Power delivery components insufficient to meet power needs 1 3 3 Perform extensive power system calculations EE
R13 Technical Internal subsystem overheating Damage to one or more subsystems Inadequate cooling systems or lack of temperature sensor 1 3 3 Test Plan for thermal model validation ME
R14 Technical UPS overheat Damage to battery system Temperature sensitive battery in harsh enviornment 0 3 0 Will install UPS indoors ME
R15 Resource Insufficient budget to meet all project requirements May need to take performance hits to accomodate cheaper budget Limited funds (~$500) 0 1 0 $1500 donation from ASRAS All
R16 Resource Destruction of Suntracker project hardware Loss of uniquely designed hardware, project delays Incorrect assumptions about input levels and tolerances/ general clumsiness 1 3 3 Observe best practices, be careful, stay away from other people All
R17 Resource Inadequate space to assemble and test Team may not be able to build project Specialized Test Requirements 1 3 3 Ensure that proper space or devices are reserved well in advance, only attempt finaly assy onsite. Prelimnary Assembly at RIT observatory. Wind and Thermal Testing All
R18 Resource Theft of system components Irreplaceable components may be lost Improper storage of materials 1 3 3 Lock physical project materials in a locker/keep at home All
R19 Resource Insufficient backup data storage Zurich or ASRAS server may fail to recieve data Insufficient or nonexistant backup data storage 0 2 0 Amount of data needed to exceed data capacity exceeds lifetime of system CE
R20 "Environmental/Social" Remote log-in to unit may pose security threat System may be tampered with by unauthorized user Malicious actor obtaining password/login information 1 3 3 Use Username/Password +Secure Design CE
R21 Technical IP66 may not be as advertized Water Damage Leak, improper sealing 1 3 3 Test current enclosure, use waterproof sealing ME
R22 Technical Software sends too many emails consecutively Flooded Mailbox Periodic Failure alerts 2 2 4 Batch alerts together, rate limit messages CE
R23 Technical Smarthost service unavailable System unable to send email alerts Service is unavailable 1 2 2 Alternate alert mechanism (stacklight) EE
R24 Technical Wind Damage System components break High winds, low structural integrity 1 3 3 Reinforce structure ME
R25 Technical System resonates with wind System components break Winds hitting natural frequencies of structure 1 3 3 Apply Damping ME
R26 Technical Heat Sensor Fails System overheats Random/Software Failure 1 2 2 Overkill on cooling solution/ Software safeguards ME
R27 Technical Humidity Sensor Fails Loss of humidity information, water damage Random/Software Failure 1 1 1 Enhanced waterproofing solution/ Software safeguards ME
R28 Technical Custom Astronomy Coordinate map unfeasible Unable to build necessary Radio Eyes Functionality ourselves Scope too large/Too complicated 0 2 0 Top 40 RF list found, on track to be programmed EE/CE/ME
R29 Technical Improper Antenna Mount Impossible to get good reading Focal point miscalculation/ Design Change 1 3 3 Adjustable Antenna mount ME
R30 Technical Runaway Dish Damage to components Control/Electrical Failure, various 1 3 3 Install E stops EE
R31 Technical Shorts and Interference in unit System Malfunction, Potential Damage Improper Wiring 1 3 3 Rewiring, Robustification of system EE
R32 Technical Software Communication Error Hardware may not be controlled by PC software Software doesn't start, starts incorrectly 1 3 3 Arduino defaults into safe position if no PC contact CE
R33 Technical Improper Antenna installation Antenna may have loose mounting or be unable to be assembled. Manufacturing Faults 1 2 2 Utilize good practices ME
R34 Technical Dropped connection Lack of remote control To be investigated 0 3 0 Programmed Ping-Pong procedures, and time outs on both end. ME/CE
R35 Resource Defective RF switch RF subsystem does not function ESD damage? 0 3 0 Purchase new switch EE
R36 Resource Insufficient Funding for Antenna Mount Antenna cannot be mounted Unexpected price of RF switch replacement 3 3 9 Simplify Design, use existing hardware, slight overbudget unescapable ME

Risk Management

Functional Demo Materials

Plans for next phase

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