P18572: Telescope K-Mirror Array

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

There is no concern of Intellectual Property in this project.

Team Setup

The following table lists the team members of this project, their major, and role in this project.

Member Major Role
Steven Cacner Computer Engineering Computer Eng. Lead
Emily Doback Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Eng. Lead
Kevin Nowak Mechanical Engineering Structure Lead
Justin Parra Mechanical Engineering Drivetrain Lead
Ian Perry Computer Engineering Team Lead
Mark Peryer Electrical Engineering Electrical Eng. Lead

Team Values and Norms


Be present and on time to all meetings. If you are going to be late or absent please let the team know as soon as possible and determine how/when to go over what was missed and/or give the rest of the team the information needed for that day if possible.


Contribute your part to the team and make sure it is always your best work. Come to meetings prepared and ready to give the team your best efforts. If there is anything that will interfere with meeting these expectations, please reach out for help as soon as possible.


All work completed by team members will follow the RIT KGCOE Code of Ethics.


Handle all citation situations correctly, and give credit to the right source when applicable. Always be honest with your team and own up to any problems so that the team can handle them together in a timely manner.


All team members are able to count on one another to get their work done when needed. If anything is preventing them from finishing their work, team members are able to reach out to one another for assistance. Also try to respond to team members in a timely fashion, responding to texts, calls, or emails within 24 hours unless told ahead of time they will not be available (for example, going out of town for a few days).


The team will try to come to an agreement on all topics. However, if all team members cannot make a decision then the decision will be made by the majority. If the outcome is a tie then we will get the opinions of our Guide (Marty) and two costumers (Victoria and Chris).


Team members will utilize the EDGE website and document all ideas within that page. Members are also able to use things like logbooks and the google drive team folder as long as all final ideas are submitted to EDGE.

Project Plans & Schedules

The current project plan is shown below.

Project Plan

Project Plan

Risk Assessment

For each risk category, the following risks have been identified.





Other Team Resources

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Meeting minutes are listed below.

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