P18652: Medium-Scale 3D Printing

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Team Oakridge constructed all test plans required to ensure that all engineering and the key risks are addressed. This involved constructing a key chart of the individual tasks that each team member will be directly responsible for. This includes document ownership in addition to detailing where we want the team to be. During this phase we also finalized our BoM and ordered parts to start the build process. Below is a list of what we were able to accomplish

There is still a pending item which is for SME approval for the motors before placing an order due to having a long lead time.

Test Plan Summary

Listed below are the test plans for the team including the breakdown of when we would like to have the test completed by.

 P18652 MSD II Phase I Test Plans

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Once parts begin to arrive, the team will divide the test plans and ensure that components are working. This will all take place in the Brinkman lab and will be affixed to a metal table acting as our base for the table-top printer.

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Tracking

Risk Tracking

It is important to note that from the Risk, the highest priority for our team is cable stretching and repeatability of the motors. This is largely due to us wanting to be to reproduce results and compare the expected results to the experimental.

Document Owner: Liz Link to current document is located here

Plans for next phase

 P18652 MSD II Phase II Plans

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