P18652: Medium-Scale 3D Printing

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

This phase was tasked with implementing any fixes and isolating critical design changes that are needed prior to customer handoff. The following deliverables were sought to be completed before the end of this phase:

 P18652 MSD II Y Phase IV Objectives

 P18652 Customer Requirements adn Constraints

 P18652 Engineering Requirements

In summary, the goals and requirements were not completely fulfilled. Because this was the first iteration of this system, there was a lot accomplished. The team successfully built a 5x5x5 ft structure with a moveable extruder platform on a flat printing surface. The connection points were overlooked an in the reconfiguration of the design. The final product had eight connection points instead of seven. However, if this adjustment was tabulated sooner, the customer could have been contacted and the addition of another connection point could have been discussed as a necessary design change.

The extruder platform could not quite reach some corners of the build volume and the tension readings were somewhat off for some of the locations. To see these results, please reference the final system tests of movement and tension readings.

The budget for this project was $5,000. The remaining money after the system was built and tested was ~ $360. All major deliverables were handed in on time given that the final idea for the project was decided in January. This cut in half the time to design, build and test the system. Even with this time constraint, the system was constructed successfully and tested to almost satisfaction. There are still some areas where the design needs work, but as a first iteration, the final delivery was a success.

System Changes

Throughout the process of this build a couple of key design changes were observed. The first item involved switching the pulley orientation on the Y-axis to a horizontal plane.

 P18652 MSD II Y Pulley Change

The next item that changed involved swapping the X-axis and Z-axis grab points.

 P18652 MSD II Z-axis Change

Lastly, there were additional sheaths that were created to operate the motors safely while also still having direct access for modifications and testing.

 P18652 MSD II Motor Uncovered  P18652 MSD II Motor Cover

The final build is shown as a whole unit with all the necessary design changes.

 P18652 MSD II Full System

Test Results Summary

All tests were conducted to meet engineering requirements and there were two results that were especially important for the successful implementation of this project.

The first test, T03, was intended to measure the cable tension in throughout various points throughout the build volume. This test would help to determine the validity of the theoretical tension equation. More information can be found here

The second test, T08, was intended to record all distance vectors for each measure point along with their measurements when returning back to center. More information can be found here

Risk and Problem Tracking

Currently, there are no more risks left for the duration of this project. As shown below, all risks have been closed for this phase due to fixes and changes.

 P18652 MSD II Risk Closed  P18652 MSD II Risk Trend

This brings the overall risk level back down to 0 as shown in our Trend chart.

Final Project Documentation

Below are the following documents that pertain to the creation and documentation of all CAD, BOM, and additional supporting information for P18652.


 P18652 MSD II Frame

 P18652 MSD Motor Winding

Link to the final CAD drawings can be found here

Assembly Instructions

 P18652 MSD Frame Assembly

 P18652 MSD II Motor Winding Assembly

Link can to Assembly Instructions can be found here

For a direct link to cable crimping Job Instruction, please click here

For a direct link to cable winding Job Instruction, please click here

For a direct link to pulley sheave Job Instruction, please click here

Final BOM

Link to the BOM can be found here

Operator Manual

Link to the Operator Manual can be found here

Software Requirements

In order to properly operate the printer a few pieces of software are needed. The following below are software requirements along with links to download them onto your specified platform.

Software Required
Software Download Link
GBRL Link Github Link
Arduino IDE 1.8 (At the time of writing this) Arudino IDE Link
Universal G-code Sender Github Link

Recommendations for Future Work



 P18652 MSD II Phase III Budget

Team Plans

 P18652 MSD II Phase IV Plans

For a more detailed breakdown of the team plans, please click here

Plans for Wrap-up

Individual Phase Plans
Name Plan
Matthew Sychtysz Plan
Elizabeth Lysack Plan
Jack Kong Plan
Joshua Rosas Plan
Alex Boulger Plan
Alexander Schuyler Plan

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