P18652: Medium-Scale 3D Printing

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

Throughout this phase, the team was able to order almost all parts of the BoM list that is required to complete testing and for final assembly. The only pending item is the validity of the motors and the decisions was made to order a single motor to validate design and super imposed the motor onto the different XYZ locations.

The team has listed out the items that were to be completed this phase. The X marks below listed the complete tasks for this phase.

 P18652 MSD II Phase II Test Plans

The following is a list of what was completed this phase:
 P18652 MSD II Phase II Test Plans

SME Approval docs can be found here

Test Results Summary

 P18652 MSD II Phase II Test Summary Chart

T05 Plan

The master test plan excel document can be found here

The following test showcases the Tension gauge accuracy.

 P18652 T05 Tension Gauge Accuracy

Statstical Analysis

 P18652 T05 Test Plan Statistics

The following above showcases the residuals for the Tension gauge confirming our level of accuracy with the R^2 analysis. Our residuals are normal and have little variation.

T04 Plan

This following test was created to move the extruder platform in at least one direction of motion and ensure that the zero-point does not change too drastically
T04 Plan Setup

T04 Statistical Analysis

Decision Matrix

Throughout the building phase, it was discovered that a more powerful supply would be needed to drive the motor. A decision matrix was used to determine the appropriate power supply based on key attributes such as current and price.

 P18652 Power Supply Decision Matrix

The area highlighted in yellow is the agreed upon power supply based on our attributes.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Tracking

Risk Tracking


 P18652 BOM

Link to the Indentured BOM can be found here

Plans for next phase

 P18652 MSD II Phase III Plans

Phase 3 Deliverables
[Entire System Build Complete]
[Complete System Testing and Validation with Statistical Results]
[Updated Risk Mitigation and Problem Tracking]
[Have 75% of Technical Paper Completed]
Individual Phase Plans
Name Plan
Matthew Sychtysz Plan
Elizabeth Lysack Plan
Jack Kong Plan
Joshua Rosas Plan
Alex Boulger Plan
Alexander Schuyler Plan

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