P18676: Upcycling of 3D Printing Waste

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

After a team discussion, the final consensus is to reserve the right to keep our intellectual property if the situation arises that our product is marketable.

Team Setup


  1. Facilitate team coordination and identify lacking capabilities.
  2. Establish good practice of structured, coordinated documentation.

Team Values and Norms


Define the team's expectations of its members and used as the basis for peer reviews.

Team Rules

  1. On time for meetings is +/- 5 minutes to the meeting, anything after that needs to be communicated through the group chat
  2. Personal workbook activities and assignments is on the person, does not require group to remind individuals of assignments
  3. Before contacting the customer: Contact the group in the group chat to make sure we are not asking Mike the same questions or information that we have already been told.
  4. Updating EDGE should have an assigned owner & completion date so that we don't fall behind
  5. If an owner of a certain task is overdue on 3-5 occurrences, the guide will be contacted to make sure the work for the team is properly divided
  6. GROUP CHAT (phone) is primary means of communication

Inputs and Source

  1. Adam, Dylan, Maria, Tim.
  2. will add a link to the Work log.
  3. Susan Farnand and Chris Leibfried.

Outputs and Destination

Incorporate when considering team plus/delta recommendations during Peer Review

Project Plans & Schedules


Ensure timely delivery of all required work products, identify prerequisite tasks with owners, ensure special resource needs are met.

Project Schedule


Inputs and Source

Outputs and Destination

public/Photo Gallery/gantt chart.JPG

public/Photo Gallery/gantt chart.JPG

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves


  1. Facilitate anticipation, avoidance, abatement and accommodation of problems.
  2. Assess team process capability to drive risk importance total to zero by project end.

Risk Assessment

Inputs and Source

  1. Team members.
  2. Template and Example.
  3. Reference doc.
  4. Customer Requirements.
  5. Engineering Requirements.
  6. System and Detail Designs.
  7. Procurement, Production, and Assembly plans.
  8. Test plans.
  9. Overall Process.

Outputs and Destination

Completed form to be revisited at all project reviews.
Risk Management as of 9/13

Risk Management as of 9/13

Other Team Resources

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I & II. Maintain a record of team/guide meetings. This includes discussion, action items, decisions made, and work assigned.

Peer Reviews


Provide feedback that enables improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of individuals and the whole team.

Peer Review Dynamics

Peer Reviews will be observed at the end of each milestone.

Inputs and Source

  1. Adam, Dylan, Maria, Tim
  2. Template and Example.
  3. Reference doc.
  4. Susan and Chris.

Outputs and Destination

Review form that is shared with Guide at the end of each cycle. All peer reviews are done using the myCourses peer2peer tool, and teams will discuss the results with their guide after each phase.


Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

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