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Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

What our team planned to do for this phase:

What we accomplished during this phase:

Test Plans

Test Plan Summary

Test Results Summary

We tested several things during this phase of MSD. Our first test was the functionality of the heating band. Along with this was the getting the PID controller system to work since the heater relies on this system to run. After this test was a thermal expansion test to see if the barrel would expand closely to the model derived. The last test was to see if we could get the arduino and stepper motor running correctly together.


Nearly all of the tests performed in this section were a success. We successfully got our heating and PID controller system working and reached a maximum temperature of 280 Celsius with our band heater. On top of that, the thermal expansion test performed fit our model and confirmed that we will be getting about .003" of expansion at 280 C.

On the building side of this phase, we successfully have our top plate machined from the water jet. Our barrel and nozzle are currently in production, but should be done in the next few days.

The only part of the goals not fully completed was the stepper and arduino circuit. We discovered that the circuit took some different parameters than originally thought. We have ordered the new parts necessary to complete this, which should be in shortly.

Inputs & Source

Thermal Expansion Test Procedure:
Thermal Expansion Test

Thermal Expansion Test

Outputs & Destination

Pictured below is the current state of our rig. The top plate has been water jet cut but still needs a few holes drilled to mount it to the frame. We cut the frame in half bringing it down to size for the top plate. The barrel and nozzle are in the machine shop and should be completed shortly.
Current Build Progress

Current Build Progress

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Analysis Matrix

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