P18701: ABVI Sewing Facility Improvement

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

SEW LEAN does not foresee any situations in which Intellectual Property will be a concern. Throughout the course of this project, we will be using widely known methodologies to achieve our goals. The bulk of our work will be based on the principles of lean and other universally used systems.

In the event that the need does arise for the group to develop Intellectual Property, we believe that the public interest will be best served by forgoing our rights and distributing any proprietary technologies to be used by ABVI for the direct benefit of it’s employees.

Team Setup

Member Team Role Design Focus Skills Contact
Zain Abdelrazeq Industrial & Systems Engineer Continuous Flow Minitab, Time Studies/Work Study App, Office Suite za5116@rit.edu
Ryan Dillon Industrial & Systems Engineer Conversion of Sighted Jobs to Blind/Visually Impaired Machining/Fabrication, Manufacturing Background, CAD rd6787@rit.edu
Melissa Dubots Documentation Manager Visual/Tactile Floor Communication LSS Yellow Belt, Leadership, Visio mxd9564@rit.edu
Ashley Kittell Lead Engineer Line Balancing Organization, Time Studies, Passionate axk9813@rit.edu
Jenn Palmer Project Manager Continuous Flow Microsoft Project, Visio, MOST Certified jxp4463@rit.edu

Team Values and Norms


  1. Commitment to the Team - All members will prioritize the project, complete assigned action items, and attend group meetings. All team members will work on items related to the project during meeting times.
  2. Punctuality - Every member will arrive on time to all meetings. Any absences should be communicated prior to the meeting to at least one team member.
  3. Communication - Team is committed to regularly checking emails and texts, Any contact with the customer will be CC'd to all members. When a teammate is editing in EDGE they will communicate this to the team.
  4. Professionalism & Ethics - The team will be honest and trustworthy during the project and share credit where appropriate within the team. All work will be cited and documented appropriately when using outside sources.
  5. Decision Making - Team conflicts will be handled with a vote.
  6. Team Comradery - All team members are committed to spending time together outside of a classroom or work setting.
Team Norm Matrix

Team Norm Matrix

Project Plans & Schedules

Team Project Plan

Team Project Plan

Team Schedule for Planning & Definition Project Phase

Team Schedule for Planning & Definition Project Phase

The team schedule for the design phase can be viewed here:

Design Phase Schedule

Design Phase Schedule

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Identified High Priority Risks

Identified High Priority Risks

A live document SEW LEAN is using to plan for and mitigate risks can be found here: Risk Management

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

SEW LEAN is tracking meeting plans and team action items in a shared document that can be viewed here: Action Items Log

Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

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